3.1 Phillip Lim
modern legacy, fashion blog, bucket bag, street style, wide leg suit, karen millen, all black (1 of 1)
modern legacy, fashion blog, bucket bag, street style, sport luxe, wide leg suit, sneakers, karen millen (1 of 1)
modern legacy, fashion blog, bucket bag, street style, sport luxe, wide leg suit, karen millen, monochrome, sneakers (1 of 1)
modern legacy, fashion blog, bucket bag, phillip lim, street style, sport luxe, wide leg suit, all black (1 of 1)
modern legacy, fashion blog, bucket bag, street style, sport luxe, wide leg suit, karen millen, sneakers (1 of 1)
modern legacy, fashion blog, bucket bag, street style, sport luxe, wide leg suit, karen millen, all black (1 of 1)

modern legacy, fashion blog, bucket bag, street style, sport luxe, wide leg suit, sneakers, karen millen, top knot (1 of 1)
It is no secret that I am a fan of a great suit, so when I laid eyes on this sleek tuxedo 
blazer and pant set it was truly love at first sight. Trust Karen Millen to be behind 
such a perfectly tailored number, with their strong legacy of creating beautifully cut 
investment pieces for the modern woman’s wardrobe.  Anchored with your favourite 
leather sneakers and luxe carryall, you have a sleek sport luxe look that will 
bring this brand of classic suiting right into the now.  

Photos by Hannah Roche.

tuxedo blazer: Karen Millen .  wide leg pants: Karen Millen .  cami top: BC x MODERN LEGACY .
bucket bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim .  sneakers: Wings + Horn (similar here)

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