Blesse'd Are The Meek
modern legacy, fashion blog, street style, flares, bucket bag, burgundy silk shirt (1 of 1)
modern legacy, fashion blog, street style, black flares, bucket bag, burgundy silk shirt (1 of 1)
modern legacy, fashion blog, street style, flares, bucket bag, Proenza Schouler mules, burgundy shirt (1 of 1)

modern legacy, fashion blog, street style, bucket bag, silk shirt (1 of 1)

Burgundy silks, flare trousers, block heel mulesbucket bags… seems this girl’s 
feeling some serious retro vibes of late. All with a pared-back, modern minimal 
edge of course. Let’s not forget why we’re here.

Photos by Hannah Roche.

silk shirt: Haider Ackermann via TheRealReal (similar here) .  flare trousers: Bless’ed Are The Meek (+ similar here) .
bucket bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim .  mules: Proenza Schouler

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