Throw Over.

Australian Talent
Scanlan & Theodore blazer (similar here, here & here), Zimmermann Silk Tank, Zimmermann Silk Tuck shorts (similar here & here), Proenza Schouler
PS11 Mini Classic bag
, Isabel Marant sneakers, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

I am a serial eBayer. I take great joy in stalking pieces that can be bought 
for a fraction of their retail price, particularly those which have long since 
disappeared from sale elsewhere. This silk blazer is one such piece. It was 
not love at first sight upon its receipt in the post: it was about a full four sizes 
larger than I had been expecting it to be. Like, really big. Colossal, even. 
But since having thrown it over various leg-baring ensembles, this silky 
oversized being has earned its place as the throw-over-anything-short-or-tight-
to-make-it-more-socially-acceptable piece in my wardrobe. Which is a thing, 
by the way. This only confirmed what I have always believed: that 
committing to buy something based on one grainy iPhone picture – and 
apparently not bothering to get measurements – does sometimes pay off. 

In a big way.

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