Posted on: 21 September 2013

modern-legacy-fashion-blog-reformation-supernova-jumpsuit (2 of 2)
modern-legacy-fashion-blog-reformation-supernova-jumpsuit (1 of 2)

There is genius in simplicity, not least when it makes leaving a room look this good. This jumpsuit 
by Reformation has to be my new favourite thing, being the simple yet supremely elegant specimen 
that it is. Must get to capturing it in its entirety soon. That back detail, right? Best ever.

Slowly getting back to my normal self, having flown in from NY a day ago. The jetlag is relentless but 
that is to be expected. I have a tonne of photos to sift through but that means more to look at for you so 
that's a win - promise to work fast to get those up on here quick smart.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend in the meantime.

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  1. these pictures are gorgeous! in love!

  2. You and that jumpsuit are both perfect beyond belief! x

  3. I can imagine how fabulous it'll be already with a hint of gold xx

  4. Wow, you look absolutely stunning in that jumpsuit. The back detail is gorgeous. x

    Nerve Wires

  5. can not wait to see all of you pictures from new york! and yes, that back detail is amazing. definitely want to see a full shot of this! looks promising :)

  6. bringin sexy back!

  7. wow i love it!!!


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Thanks for the love!

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