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 photo ModernLegacyAustralianfashionblogMBFWAZimmermannAlexanderWangProenzaSchoulerPS113.jpg photo ModernLegacyAustralianfashionblogMBFWAZimmermannAlexanderWangProenzaSchoulerPS11heels.jpg photo ModernLegacyAustralianfashionblogMBFWAZimmermannAlexanderWangProenzaSchoulerPS115.jpg
 photo ModernLegacyAustralianfashionblogMBFWAZimmermannAlexanderWangProenzaSchoulerPS11.jpg
Zimmermann pants (similar here, here and here), silk tank & anorak, Alexander Wang ‘Antonia’ sandals, Proenza Schouler 
PS11 Mini Classic bag, Ray Ban Original Unisex Aviator sunglasses

My outfit for my single day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, captured by the
 lovely Nora. Unintentionally decked myself out in head-to-toe Zimmermann 
for the occasion, but what can you do. I headed down for a 24-hour whirlwind 
stint last Friday to check out the scene and catch up with a few people, including 
the amazing team at Glassons for the best lunch ever at The Grounds of 
Alexandria. I’m betraying my food-focussed psyche by saying this, but that 
lunch had to be the highlight of the day. So. Good.

On another note, I hope you can forgive me for my somewhat sporadic posting 
of late. Life is on the busy side at the moment, plus my poor laptop had a bit 
of a freak out. A possibly-not-covered-by-the-warranty kind of freak out. Such 
fun. It remains with Mr Apple for now, hopefully it makes it out alive. I shall 
of course persevere nonetheless and get back into a consistent posting routine 
once again – hoping you can bear with me in the meantime. 

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