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Frolicking in the the back alleys in my newly acquired Isabel Marant parka. A gloriously rare 
eBay find, this one. I thought at first I was purchasing the famed Ulyse, but it in fact was the 
highly enigmatic Uro style. Which I didn’t even know existed, but there you go. Certainly not 
complaining; the longer sleeves are definitely a welcome feature, especially heading into winter. 
My eternal compulsion to link you lovely people to a similar version of my wardrobe rarities, 
should you wish to own such a piece yourself, has led me here, herehere and here
Hopefully, you can find your own khaki parka joy somewhere there.

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  1. Great find! You're going to get tons of use out of it. I have and love the Ulyse and wear it non-stop. Lovin' the Uro version too.


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