Posted on: 18 February 2013

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 photo 6dc74886-bfb1-46ac-9d99-23abe39688d4.jpg
RachelRachel Split Pants c/o, MINKPINK top (similar here and here), Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic bag
ATP sandals (similar here and here)

I have long been on the lookout for the ideal wide-leg jumpsuit - that perfectly
 sophisticated yet wholly relaxed all-in-one that would just make getting dressed
 an absolute breeze some days. Such a specimen is yet to cross my path, however, 
so I have settled for pairing together these tried-and-true pieces for an equivalent 
effect in the meantime. It's all about working with what you have, after all. 

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  1. this outfit looks ridiculously comfortable! like wearing PJs but stylish. those pants are amazing x

  2. Love those split leg pants on you - they look so comfortable! :)

  3. Split leg pants look amazing! Wish I was tall enough to pull them off. xo

  4. you pull off those pants so well!

  5. still insanely amazing lady!!!
    Yeliz xx


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