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Trying the reflective lens trend on for size with a pair of aviators I picked up
from a Noosa chemist for all of $19.00. Figured it was a fair way to determine
whether to take the slightly larger monetary plunge and purchase the famous
Ray Bans. Quietly convinced they may be very necessary at this point.
Also pretty chuffed with this new Camilla and Marc silk shirt. It is the perfect
shade of creamy white, with purposefully oversized pockets and a loose cut
that drapes in all the right ways. You can find some similar versions from the
likes of Equipment and Rachel Zoe if you are interested. You can never
have too many basic silk shirts, after all. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Anyone else as tired as I am after
the first week back at work? Need to catch up on some sleep, pronto.

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