BDO '13.

Posted on: 23 January 2013

ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyle_zpse58d9b8a photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyle_zpse58d9b8a-1_zps45381585.jpg Modern Legacy Big Day Out Gold Coast Festival Style photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyle_zpsabda5790.jpg ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleOpinionSlaveFranCons_zps5176e03e photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleOpinionSlaveFranCons_zps5176e03e-1_zps0b1a77c8.jpg ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleOneTeaspoonJumpsuitGeneralPantsCo_zpsf412ea95 photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleOneTeaspoonJumpsuitGeneralPantsCo_zpsf412ea95-1_zps520effa7.jpg Modern Legacy Big Day Out Gold Coast Festival Style Floral Headdress photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleFloralHeaddress_zpse431eaf6.jpg IMG_2824_zps1689196a photo IMG_2824_zps1689196a-1_zps346fd269.jpg Modern Legacy Big Day Out Gold Coast Festival Style Fran Opinion Slave photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleFranOpinionSlave_zps9371e6d3.jpg ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleSunsetFromMediaTent_zpsb9b026ed photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyleSunsetFromMediaTent_zpsb9b026ed-1_zpsc10ab55f.jpg IMG_2750_2_zps84ce04ec photo IMG_2750_2_zps84ce04ec-1_zps23d6e90e.jpg ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyle_zps0ae6d046 photo ModernLegacyBigDayOutGoldCoastFestivalStyle_zps0ae6d046-1_zps83e313d4.jpg
IMG_2744_2_zpseee3a5f2 photo IMG_2744_2_zpseee3a5f2-1_zps7ee5dfd8.jpg

Above is my humble little photo diary from Big Day Out 2013, Gold 
Coast-style. Fran and I were lucky enough to be invited along by General 
Pants Co., so I was of course decked out in their super-cool threads. This 
One Teaspoon playsuittbe precise. I love its edgy, earthy-toned croc print 
and billowy cut - definitely potential for everyday styling for sure. The day 
itself was certainly an adventure, having never actually attended the festival 
before. Hanging out in the back alleys mingling among the other media and 
sporadic artist sighting here and there proved very enjoyable, especially as 
a bit of respite from the intimidatingly large sea of festival-goers on the 
other side of the fence. The absolute highlight of the day though was most 
definitely The Killers - high school nostalgia was at an all time high listening 
to their set. They killed it, to put it simply. Pun entirely intended.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. Life has been on the hectic side for 
sure on my end, so the coming long weekend is a real relief. It will hopefully 
allow more time for shooting more outfits for you all, so do stay tuned. x

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  1. Great photos!

  2. Love that playsuit so much! And how ammmmmmazing were the Killers?!! Such an epic set.
    A x

  3. Sounds like you had a great time, Big Day Out in Sydney was ridiculously hot this year. I love what you wore, perfect

    x karen

  4. That playsuit looks super comfy!

  5. you look great! I love that playsuit. I often get to hang around the back alleys in festivals as my boy works at them, much preferable than being out in the crush! x

  6. Looks like such a fun day out! Great festival style you've snapped too, and I like your printed playsuit :)

  7. I'm glad you had fun! I wish I'd gone to BDO. So jealous you saw The Killers, I would love to see them live.


  8. So amazing summer festival inspirations! I´m dreaming of summer:) You look great!


  9. Great festival outfit! Just wondering what the bag is that you are carrying? I've been searching for something similar x

  10. Hey, I was just wondering which size you are wearing of the jumpsuit? Thanks x

  11. You are my unofficial festival buddy haha xxxx

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