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MODERN LEGACY fashion blog style outfit post summer Zimmermann silk tank top Vintage blue denim shorts cut offs MINKPINK sunglasses retro ombre hair balayage
Zimmermann Silk Tank top, vintage denim shorts (similar here, here and here), MINKPINK sunglasses (similar herehere and here)

Happy Monday! Super-simple outfit for your viewing pleasure this morning. 
You know it’s summer when you are still sweltering in nothing but a silk tank 
and denim shorts, as I most certainly was here. Definitely not complaining 
though – my complete lack of tolerance for cooler temperatures means I live 
for the hotter months. Bring on the heat I say!

In other news, I have had a few requests for a post about my hair ritual 
(i.e. how I get it coloured, care routine, products I use, etc.) so I will try and 
do up a post about that soon. In the meantime, I’ll open up the floor for any 
other requests for post topics – just leave a comment below about anything 
you’d like to see, or you can email me at

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  1. that top is so effortlessly chic!!love it!
    Im100% with you on the weather, i have been waiting for these temperatures all year!!x

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