SABA knit, Shona Joy shorts, Tony Bianco boots (similar herehere and here), Alexander Wang Rafael bag 
(loving the lighter-hued  Brenda or Marion also). 

Had to throw together a few very well-worn staples this past week: my all-time
 favourite silk print shorts were just crying out to be paired with the deep cherry 
of this knit. Teamed them with my lightest-of-greys Wang to freshen it all up as 
per usual. I have only just come to realise how often I tend to wear shorts with 
long sleeves and boots – it comes so naturally to me I never give two thoughts 
about it. When I actually stop to think it really does appear to be a strange 
combination, particularly in the middle of winter. Luckily, for myself and 
my fellow lovers of year-round bare legs, I think it looks a bit of alright.

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  1. LOVING THE WANG!!!!! have been on the hunt for the Marion bag everywhere or a version of it in black/ whatever is out there… do you know of any online webstores that MIGHT still have them in stock??? much love from nz 😀 xx

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