The Classics.

Bassike dress (great alternatives here and here), Zara blazer, Tony Bianco boots, Alexander Wang Rafael bag, Le Specs sunglasses

There really is nothing like throwing on an outfit made up entirely of classic 
wardrobe staples. The striped dress, the oversized black blazer, solid ankle 
boots and a neat bag to carry your essentials. The challenge? To make them 
all your own. I will always gravitate towards the high-neck dresses and 
enveloping cocoon-cut blazers, and my bags will never quite be as elegant as 
many others might prefer. An array of metal studs might decorate one, while 
the other might be the whitest of grey pebbled leather with novel, oversized 
silver zips as feature points. Putting your own twist on the well-worn classics 
is really where the true fun in fashion lies – to find that balance between the 
unique and the timeless, the modern and the classic. No doubt this is one of 
life’s more enjoyable challenges, and one I tend to engage in 

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  1. I agree on so many levels! Actually, my last post is about how to take basics and give them a special, individual touch.

    I always try to do this, and you are definitely a regular source of inspiration to me! Thanks so much for that 🙂

    xoxo, Dani of GLITZERGLITZER

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