Witchery dress (similar one from Equipment here), Tony Bianco boots, Alexander Wang Diego Bucket bag

Typical ultra-minimal all-rounder of an outfit for me right here. It is actually plain
 ridiculous that this was appropriate to wear over the weekend, but it was seriously 
as sunny and warm as one could possibly hope for mid-June in the southern 
hemisphere. Especially now I am sitting here typing with my gigantic hoodie, track 
pants and thick socks enveloping me, it looks a tad insane. It happened though, 
and it was glorious. 

On another note, I was featured by the lovely STYLESOFIA for Vogue’s Online 
Shopping Night. You can read my interview and take a little stroll down memory 
lane with some of the pictures here. I actually really enjoyed it myself, they truly 
put together the best features. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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  1. so jealous of you wearing bare arms and legs in the middle of june!

    I wish I could wear midi-length skirts and dresses with ankle boots without looking like I'm about 3 feet tall.

    looking gorgeous girl, your hair is just amazing x

  2. Love your bag, and the dress is perfect with those boots! I really miss the warm weekend weather, it's brought a really cold week to balance it out 🙁

  3. cute as basics. love that wang bag Kaitlyn. I actually find your tips in the site very helpful! thanks for sharing and congrats for the interview. yay~
    hope you're having a lovely week so far too.


  4. I love your outfit. Your minimal look is always perfectly chic without ever trying too hard or worrying about being trendy.

    Visit my blog?? colored–

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