Zara coat, MINKPINK top, Neuw Denim ‘Marilyn’ jeans, Senso ‘Quincy II’ boots, Karen Walker ‘Number 
One’ sunglasses, Alexander Wang ‘Rafael’ bag.

Took my new Senso Quincy II’s out for a spin this week. I was taken aback at first by
 their somewhat low front, but I now see it makes them perfect to wear with skinny jeans 
or pants. This means they essentially do the work of an oxford from the front, while still 
remaining very much a boot from every other angle. Genius. Loving the zipper detail 
and pointed toe as well of course – makes me feel super-sleek and put together without 
even trying. Consider me hooked.

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  1. Fancy styling as always Kaity ๐Ÿ™‚ dont know how yoi can turn badics into something really stylish all the time. I think you just look great in anything! Love those boots. They look comfy as~and so does your top. Been wanting to get a right white blazer for a long time. Its so popular! When I want to get it, the blazer's always way bigger or smaller =( still waiting for the right size.
    But lucky you! That zara looks just the right fit ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I went into Doll House for a Sherri Hill dress and I had the worst time. The staff was rude and no help to me they made me feel as if I didnโ€™t belong into their store. I well never return there and I am glad I didnโ€™t purchase my dress from that store.

  3. omg I'm so happy right now, I found a picture of this outfit on tumblr a few days ago and I thougt " This is the perfect outfit!" but there was no URL for your blog. so now I'm happy I found it ๐Ÿ˜€ I love every outfit :*

  4. this is amazing. I love this entire outfit so much I now find it imperative I obtain a white blazer somehow.

    you should smile more in photos, that last photo is adorable! x

  5. PERFECT. I haven't saved an outfit for inspiration in over a year, but this has changed all that. Those boots are amaaaazing.

    I've been eyeing a slightly similar style for a few days now…time to get it I think! xx

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