Bare Minimum.


Witchery knit (very similar style  here), Tony Bianco “Alexa” boots, Alexander Wang “Diego” bag, Le Specs “Runaways” sunglasses

This outfit is wholly representative of how I have been dressing in this cool-but-not-yet-cold
 weather and, let’s face it, how I like to dress pretty much all the time. One basic, neutral piece 
thrown on with a few heavy black accessories and…that’s it. When it comes to minimalism, 
I clearly don’t do things by halves. But you would all know this by now.

Meanwhile, the lucky winner of the Chip Chop! giveaway was Mandy – congrats you lucky
 thing! I shall be shooting an email your way shortly. Thank you to all who entered, it was 
great seeing so much love for the cape. There are sure to be more giveaways in the future, 
so if it wasn’t your day today there are plenty more opportunities to come.

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to the week.

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  1. I went to Doll House and had the worst experience of my life. I ordered a dress 3 months before my formal and it didn’t come in. she told me the dress was customized but was told a week before my formal that they could not do it and was told to chose another dress from the shop which upset me as I had my heart set on the dress I ordered. Thank you Doll House for destroying my only formal it was the worst time.

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