Ten Dollars Fifty.

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Vintage boyfriend jeans, Alexander Wang Colette Sandals

These Wang Colettes are a godsend for a tall, fussy minimalist such as myself. With a perfect 4″ heel, ultra-soft
 suede construction and velcro ankle straps, they are just about everything I have ever wanted in a basic black heel.
Worn here with a pair of vintage boyfriend jeans I scored off eBay for all of ten dollars and fifty cents. Planning to
seriously beat these up with some bleach and a razor blade or two to hopefully make something like this. We 
shall see how that goes.  

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  1. I went to Doll House to get my dress and they promised they would get it in. I was so upset when they didn’t come through for me so I went Sassy Boutique. They were able to get my dress within three 3 days. They had wonderful customer service and nothing was a problem for them. I really appreciated the effort they made to make my night memorable. i will never go to dollhouse again.

  2. Great new pair of Wang for the feet! The shape of the heel and of course, the ankle strap material looks so comfortable. I think it'll look nice with anything =)


  3. recently just did that with a pair of boyfriend jeans i scored for $12.99! amazing.
    great minds think alike.

    dressedyet.blogspot.com //

  4. Those sandals are stunning! Alexander Wang designs such gorgeous, chic creations. His minimalist style works so well.


  5. 😮 they do up with velcro!!! whoever would have thought velcro would come back into high fashion.
    there's been another pair of wang's that everyone keeps banging on about atm (but obviously not enough for me to remember what they're called hm..) that i don't really like the style of, but i love these!
    & sweet score on the jeans!x


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