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Posted on: 20 April 2012

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Bassike dress (similar here,  here and here) | Tony Bianco boots (old) | Alexander Wang 'Diego' Bucket bag | Le Specs 'Runaways' sunglasses

My, what a week! A huge thank you is in order for the lovely Cat of knight cat for featuring my 
little blog, and an equally large welcome is in order for my newest followers. So glad those of 
you who spotted the post liked what you saw enough to stick around for more. Now, to todays outfit 
- this Bassike dress is my new favourite thing. It has been around for a while and has always sat 
just outside my price range, but by some miracle I spotted it last weekend on its lonesome partially 
hidden on an overloaded sales rack. For less than half price. Yes, there was lunging involved. 
Admittedly it is a size too big, but as you all know I have no problem with slight boxiness when 
it comes to dresses, plus the well-defined shoulder pads make up for any general looseness anyway. 
I would wear a car seat cover if it had shoulder pads: I love their simultaneously futuristic and 
retro feel. Bassike has so many amazing pieces up on its e-boutique at the moment, I recommend 
you all take a peek hereAlso, is anyone else gearing up for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 
Sydney in a weeks time? I'll be there and would love to meet some of you, so let me know if you 
will be around. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Just stumbled up on your blog and I have to say it is amazing, your style is the best and you are such an inspiration!


  2. i really like your sunglasses! they have the perfect frame. & I'm also digging the shoulders on your dress. x

  3. pfft going to go crawl in to my hole now lady, you look amazeeness!!
    Whatevs, lunging and over 50% off?
    sounds like my kind of shopping miss!
    loves it!
    my butt wishes it were gearing up for fashion week. Next time you just come to Melbs and I'm stalking your savvy self! xxx

  4. amazing dress, love how you've styled it! x

  5. ah what a lucky bargain! love this look x

  6. LOVE this look! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  7. Oooh amazing dress! Stripey things make me happy. You look amazing, love how you've styled it!

  8. Fabulous dress! It's a classic I'm thinking you 'll love for a long time...

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  9. Love this! So fresh yet simple and effortless. I find some Bassike a bit too 'organic' for me, but the quality of the fabric, the shoulders and the dropped hem make this super chic

  10. The dress really is perfect, I'm such a fan of stripes.


  11. Days ago I found your blog and inmediately fell in love with your style and became in one of my favorites bloggers! :)

    have a nice weekend!

  12. great look! i love your hair! :)

  13. love this outfit and love your hair

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    Representing the best of both Australian and International brands!

  14. You're right.. these sunnies look lovely on you, I may have to investigate a pair for myself!

    xx Shardette

  15. very into this striped dress!!!

  16. Aw we really love that dress und your whole style. It's stunning!
    All the best

    Jana & Vanessa

  17. This is adorable!

    I found your blog through a post you made on IFB and I'm really glad I did! I'm now following you & looking forward to new posts :)

    Natasha from The Chic Curve

  18. i see this dress in the pink/red on sale every time i step into david jones. i'm shocked each time that it's still there. if only it was this one, or red was my colour! haha. you're wang is seriously the perfect accessory to every outfit. x.

  19. ps. it looks like it fits you perfectly. the shoulders are my favourite part and just the whole feel of it.

  20. Hi! I love those Tony Bianco boots. Any suggestions on where to find some that are similar?

  21. @claire c. Senso has some very similar ankle boots in their online store right now. The low cut and gently pointed toes are very similar to my old TBs I feel -

  22. My daughter and I ordered a dress from Doll House which was to be custom made. I placed the order on a Monday and was surprised to get a phone call the following Monday to say the dress had arrived it only took eight 8 days. I took the dress home and when I put the dress on my daughter, I realized that had just altered the dress (in store) and found pins still in the side seams. I was so disgusted with their lie when confronted they would not talk to me or acknowledge what they had done. To all you mum’s out there DON’T BUY FROM DOLL HOUSE.


Thanks for the love!

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