Silky Willows.

MINKPINK top | Willow pants (similar here)| 2 baia vista sandals | AM Eyewear ‘Kami’ sunglasses in Bone (gifted) | Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Meet my latest obsession: the printed pant. Having purchased three pairs over less than a month, 
I think it’s safe to say I am hooked. I suppose it makes sense for my infatuation with printed silk 
shorts throughout summer to graduate to a serious love affair with their longer counterparts as 
we head towards the cooler months. Scored this pair by Willow at a ridiculously good price, and 
they have barely left my legs since. Also experimented with these sunglasses courtesy of the lovely 
team over at AM Eyewear. I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards oversized, thick square frames 
like these, but they are actually a nice change from the more girly styles I usually wear. Their 
futuristic feel paired with my otherwise classically feminine outfit just felt right, while the creamy 
bone frames freshen up the look perfectly. You can check them out here.

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  1. I am in love with this outfit! You've got this look down to perfection. The white top is sooo gorgeous, and I am crazy about those printed pants. I definitely get your obsession with them xoxo

  2. Those pants are amazing, I wouldn't have thought they were Willow!
    I'm also loving the matching nail polish and sunnies, it really suits your enviable tan.

  3. Still loving this top. You do print pants so well!

    PS. I don't know if you posted this comment before our twitter convo, but ARGHH I'm SO getting them!!! Ahaha so twins it is!! Yay! I'm with you 100% about the print. I actually don't care that there's the whole 'Celine' hype surrounding them, I plan on wearing them for a really long time. So we'll be uncool together.
    I need to see them on you ASAP! x.

  4. The futuristic frames are legit, but I am mostly obsessed with your pants. How amazing is that print? Hate watching you get these badass finds & me not getting my hands on them. I need to move to Australia.

  5. Had pant envy the other night at the meetup, I meant to ask you where they were from… of course simple and perfect patterns had to mean that they were minkpink!

    Now that you on instagram would mind liking my pictures for that Threadbare comp ? @socialemissions



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