Khaki Akubra.

Bec & Bridge Bianca Adventurer Fedora hat | Karen Walker Number One sunglasses

Thoroughly enjoying my new Bec & Bridge Bianca Adventurer Fedora. Finally decided I needed 
one fantastic, all-rounder of a hat that would take me anywhere and through any season. This one is all 
that and more for me. I’ve always been a big fan of khaki as an accessory colour – one of those non-basic 
neutral colours that adds a little interest to an outfit. Plus it goes with my hair. Very important feature 
that last one. Now just have to avoid my dad adopting it as his new golf hat, which he did express an 
interest in doing upon seeing it. Not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not.


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  1. God I have wanted one of these for so long now, but I think Andy would actually have heart failure if I told him I spent 245 on a hat. Might have to keep an eye out on eBay or soemthing.

    You look smokin in it.


  2. El sombrero verde es muy bonito además parece asentarte muy bien en la cabeza. Las gafas me chiflan. Yo quiero unas así y unas de cat eye para este verano. ¿podré permitirmelo? XD.
    Espero que si porque realmente las amo. jijiji
    Un beso

  3. I've never thought much of the fedoras, but this looks seriously amazing on you, I may have to reconsider! The khaki looks amazing with your hair and those sunnies x

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