Reverse Psychology.

Staple The Label dress from Beginning Boutique | Sportsgirl necklace

Kicking off the outfit posts for 2012 with this unreal Staple The Label dress that I wore on 
NYE. I loved the tail hem when I first saw this dress, but for some reason failed to love it when 
I actually wore it. Any buyer’s remorse instantly disappeared though upon flipping the whole thing 
around. The higher neckline and longer front hem gave it a satisfyingly more purposeful look for 
my long frame, and luckily enough the draped detail on the (intended) front of the dress looked 
quite at home swirling its way around my back.The moral of the story? Fishtail hem dresses can 
have new life breathed into them through the simple act of wearing them backwards. 
I say give it a go.

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  1. Everything on your blog is styled and photographed so beautifully! Can't believe I only just found out about your blog now. Adore your style!

    Jysla xx

  2. uh-huh totes agree with the dolls – GENIUS girl!! you look amaze! love your up like that too πŸ˜‰
    ps. happy new years to you babes and thanks for all your support and kindness in 2011, means everything! Big love! X

  3. Genius! I love when you flip something around & all of the sudden it clicks and you're like…why didn't the designer think of this?! This is so gorgeous.

  4. such a genius idea of wearing it backwards.
    i love how you called it 'fishtail' hem instead of a 'mullet' dress. it's a much cuter description.
    now i'll definately look twice if i spot a dress like this in stores. x.

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