Plain And Simple.

Too Many tee | vintage shorts | 2 baia vista shoes | American Apparel clutch | Le Specs sunnies

A few shots of one very simple outfit I threw on the other day. I have literally had this tee for over 
five years now and only just wore it for the first time here. Why the neglect, I do not know, as it 
has the most perfect drape in the neckline and slightly pointed sleeves that have a fluttering effect 
to them. Simple, but not too simple. Also whipped out the black suede American Apparel clutch I 
picked up in Melbourne back in December. Looks a little like a pencil case, granted, but definitely
 carries its own as a kind of everyday clutch. Great for when you simply cannot be bothered to haul 
around a proper bag, but still want to look a little put together. An outfit derived entirely from 
an old white tee and frayed denim, I would say, needs such a companion.

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  1. Love a simple tee + denim shorts combo! The AA clutch looks great in black suede, I have it in taupe leather, but I would love to have it in many different colours! x

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