Casually Stitched.

Sportsgirl shirt | vintage shorts | 2 baia vista sandals | Karen Walker sunglasses | Alexander Wang bag

Essential weekend garb for me lately: loose shirt, leather shorts, and slightly edgy sandals.
Topped off by my newest purchase, the Karen Walker Number One‘s. Well-worn blogger
accessory though they may be, they are just about the perfect pair of sunglasses so I have no
qualms in jumping on the bandwagon. They are just that fantastic. I must get a better shot of
their essential details soon. Speaking of details, I tried to capture the subtle stitching on these
leather shorts for you in the second image. It gives them an almost tailored feel, which
makes them the perfect partner for floaty blouses or slouchy tees. So good.

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  1. trust me to notice the little things, but what nail polish is that? it looks amazing and has come out so beautifully in the photos! love!
    chloe. xx

  2. that's it, i need to get my hands on some leather shorts. it's well overdue. and some sunglasses, asap!
    funnily enough, i actually live in outfits so similar to this all summer long. minus the leather of course (for now). i'm still hooked on my scalloped hemmed shorts. i just can't let go.
    also loving the white nails.
    ps. uugh, yes. another late night! i feel sorry for my eyes and the gigantic bags they're going to get. x.

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