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Friend of Mine dress | Tony Bianco shoes (gifted)

These Tony Bianco “Aviate” boots could very well be the ultimate statement shoe. The slightly 
pointed toe, solid platform, hook heel and bold snake print give these some serious attitude, 
while the black gusset insert imbues them with a sense of casual abandon, as though they were 
meant to be haphazardly pulled on and stomped through puddles or muddy fields. It’s that perfect 
mix of toughness and femininity that makes these so incredible. Paired with your favourite 
block colour on top, they give even the most basic of outfits a serious dose of edgy sophistication. 
I think anything that makes getting dressed this easily deserves our attention. 
Check them out here.

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  1. Hi, thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I didn't think the make-up was that great really but you've made me happy about it! Going to try and do it again with a thinner eyeliner.
    Love your style. Followed!

    Cheers, Toni

  2. SO phenomenally good!! have seriously been deliberating up a storm on whether i should make the investment in this new hook heel from TB. as usual, you make everything look fab so i think you've convinced me! love it with the blue dress too.
    chloe. xx

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