Suburban Bohemia.

[Paper Hearts tank, Blurr pants, Sportsgirl cuff, Wolf Circus ring]

Knit tank, printed palazzo pants, aztec cuff, white crystal ring and a fading afternoon sun.
Certainly a lot going on here considering Steven and I were simply manning the verandah steps 
so our cat could wander around outside without running away. I swear I do more interesting 
things on other weekends, really I do. It goes without saying though that cotton palazzo pants 
make for excellent lounging (or verandah-manning) attire. A step away from being in your 
pyjamas, perhaps, but sans the shame. This crystal ring, meanwhile, has not left my finger since I 
received it from the lovely Fiona of Wolf Circus Jewellery.This is precisely the type of jewellery
 I like: bold and slightly unkempt, but still with intricate detailing and made with a lot of love. 
Be sure to check out the entire Wolf Circus range: if you love beautifully-made jewellery with a 
raw edge, then it is definitely for you.  

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  1. still loving that tank.

    ps. thank goodness your pierced earlobes hung on that long! i'm scared to even leave mine out for a day or two just in case they close. (just a little paranoid!)
    thank you so much for your wise and comforting words. you really are a major sweetheart! i honestly don't know how you stay motivated and on top of outfit posts like you do. i'm always dying over items of clothing in each post and you've actually inspired me to incorporate some new pieces and looks into my wardrobe, which i'm extremely grateful for. i definately won't be going anywhere any time soon and i hope that you never will either! it's way too much fun at the moment anyway. x.

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