The Shivers.

Australian Fashion Week

So happy to add these Stylestalker Shiver Shorts to my ever-growing collection of printed,
silky high-waisted shorts. Of which you can never have too many, mind you. The cool shade 
of cream and blue vein-like print sustains the interest and edge I always look for in otherwise 
inherently feminine pieces such as these. I was planning to build a solid outfit around these 
shorts eventually, but could not resist shooting them earlier with this American Apparel 
cropped tee to let them shine as part of an ultra-simple silhouette. I think they did their job. 

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  1. Damn girl! Love this outfit!

    I ordered these shorts before Christmas and they sent me the wrong thing so by the time I called they'd sold out. More devastated now that I've seen how amazing they look on you!

    Hope you're well x

  2. those shorts are too amazing, I wish the weather was nice enough here to wear a crop top shorts combo. love your blog! just found it and started following!!!

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