In With The New.


A few little snippets of what is currently lying around my place:

1. New 2 baia vista sandals from Zomp. Basically an almost exact replica of the 
Alexander Wang Saskia Gladiators, but a hell of a lot cheaper and with a more matte finish to the 
leather which I think I like better. Have been on the hunt for sandals with serious attitude to make 
anything achingly girly in my wardrobe more wearable. These definitely do that.

2. ASOS Croc Embossed Leather Portfolio Clutches in Mallard and Black. These can fit my 
MacBook in them. Oh yes. I think the Black is now sold out, but you can check the Mallard out here.

3. Two glorious surprises I received from Steven for our four-year anniversary.

4. Two examples of what I am currently selling on eBay. Check out all my items here.

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  1. I love Zomp! but I haven't been in there for ages, might have to take a quick trip – also I love those white platforms! Why sell!

  2. How good is Zomp! I've been meaning to get a snazzy portfolio clutch for my laptop..except I never take my laptop anywhere so it's kind of pointless!? Happy 4 years! xx

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