Black Heat.


Spent a good part of last weekend trying not to die of heatstroke, and rummaging through my
wardrobe for pieces that hadn’t seen the light of day for a while. This was the result. The intense 
heat called for the minimal coverage provided by this old sass & bide tank dress, while my 
forever 90s-grunge-obsessed-tomboy-self required the comforting anchorage best delivered by 
trusty black ankle boots. It is a truly satisfying moment when you manage to pull an outfit 
together based entirely on well-worn favourites. Meanwhile, in other news, I have now officially 
finished university forever. I am no longer a law student but a BA/LLB graduate with a heart 
and mind now freely dedicated to fashion. And so real life begins.

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  1. Loving reading through your blog! I noticed the gateway bridge in the background of this pic and realised you were from Brisbane! Ha, I didn't know that – I think I may have run into you a few times at Fashion Week. Keep up the good work! xxx

  2. This outfit just screams summer, I love the un-girly styling of the dress. Congratulations on finishing, hope you find an amazing job (fashion related) soon!

    Madeleine 🙂

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