Olive Garden.

[Sportsgirl Shirt (old), Shona Joy Shorts, Crossing Sandals, Sabre Sunglasses]

Seriously all about olive and khaki tones for summer. Mixed with brights or lighter-hued 
accessories, they are a great alternative to your standard grey. In this instance, it was white 
pearl sunnies, cement nails and cream sandals that were the go. Also, in case you had yet to 
notice, these shorts have become a full-blown warm weather staple for me, the ultra-light silk 
being made for the heat. I get asked where to buy them every time I wear them, so head 
here if you’re interested.

On another note, I was asked by the lovely team over at Sportsgirl to participate in their 
‘BELIEVE’ initiative, which is all about encouraging young people like ourselves to follow 
and believe in our dreams. This is definitely something I can get behind, especially when 
it involves answering a few fun questions about oneself! So, to the questions…

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Pretty sure I was hell-bent on being a world-famous actress from quite a young age. I was 
definitely a dramatically-inclined child, no doubts there.

Did you make this dream come true or change your mind?
Have definitely changed my mind since then, though one thing that never changed was 
my dream to work in a creative industry. I always knew I would never be working in 
your average 9-to-5 office job (but I definitely have great respect for those who do). 

What is your fave childhood memory?
Just growing up generally I think. I grew up in somewhat of a country town so had a far 
more rough-and-tumble type upbringing. A group of us were always playing some kind of 
sport or running around each other’s yards or swimming in dams or riding our bikes 
everywhere. I was definitely a tomboy as a child too so I enjoyed everything like that 
(and still do!).

The biggest dream you have right now?
Definitely to find myself a creative and stimulating job in the fashion industry that ultimately 
turns into a career. Just to be able to work hands-on and creatively with fashion everyday 
would be a dream: styling, editing, consulting, creating – whether it be at a publication, label, 
fashion-house, or all of the above. To be able to work with equally creative and passionate 
individuals is also very important to me. In saying that, I can see myself in Sydney in the near 
future, as the major fashion-hub of Australia.

Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?
I am loving the Oriental Shift Dress for sure. It’s all about the high-neck tank dress for 
summer, and this little number would add a serious pop of floral colour to your wardrobe. 
Plus it can easily be dressed up for a night out or down for the beach – I’m all about 

Now, I must tag three blogging buddies to answer the same questions so, in no particular

 Carolyn of RICH GIRLS., Bianca of il etait une fois… &
Carmen of The Chronicles of Her

Do it girlies, I want to see your answers!

Hope everyone’s having a great week as well. Three exams down, one to go.

Then freedom. 

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  1. Love, love, love the color combo! The shirt is so chic, something I'd wear, totally ;p u gorgeous, you!!

    I'm also like that… the 9-5 job doesn't appeal to me, though yes of course I respect those who do.

  2. you gorge little devil, don't care WHO asks where you got them shorts they aint going to pull it off as fab as you miss, just LOVE to this, and so sorry for the drought, shorts are such a foreign concept too but i'm loving the fresh 10 degree chill of istanbul, and only fresher in germany and paris i'm sure 😉 love lovee miss

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