Cut It Out.


Here’s a full shot of what I wore to the Isola showcase. I was having one of those days when the last
thing I felt like being was in any way polished or put together, so I simply threw on this giant shirt 
from Sportsgirl I’ve had forever over my Shona Joy shorts and was done with it. I thoroughly enjoy 
the cut-out sleeves, always good for adding a little interest and shoulder action. Also a little snippet of 
what Steven (boyfriend/photographer/all-round very patient individual) wore as well. Albeit with a 
few strands of my hair intruding on the shot (sorry). He absolutely loves his Mr Simple chinos, as 
do I. Check out their online store here for the guys in your lives who are looking for great basic pants 
and shorts in a myriad of colours. Also, finally, a shot there of the mojitos we enjoyed post-showcase at 
the hotel bar. His was original, mine was raspberry and pineapple flavoured. He wishes he’d had 

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  1. Hello Dear!

    Fantastic outfit as always! You really are one of my australian favourites! It was so funny after the last meetup I realised I was already following you:)


  2. Look at you! Unfortunately you look totally polish and put together without even trying! That's style at its best. The blouse is STUNNING btw.


  3. I love this top. I think you are well put together. The people with the best style tend to just throw things on and pull it off so I think you look great πŸ™‚

    Grace x

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