Budget Dressing.


Quick outfit post before I get back to the study grind. This Subtitled tee is a shining example
of great budget dressing. Any tee that is easily long enough to double as a dress is one of
my favourite things in this world. This particular piece has rather high side splits that I have
pinned together for now (planning on getting them sewed properly soon), but beyond that
makes for a perfectly casual, classic striped tee dress. You can check it out if you are
interested here.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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  1. this is a really, really great dress. your style is very polished.. a look i have been getting more into this winter. i feel i always lean more toward the rebellious side with clothing, but there is something very posh about looking so utterly put together. great blog. i'm following xx http://www.theleatherweather.com

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