Three Things.

Just a little snippet of three things I shall be well into come summer. Knit tanks (they seem to fall 
with more 
purpose than others), cement coloured nails (perfect set against brights), and natural crystal 
rings (like this sweet little number from Beginning Boutique). What are you guys into for the 
coming season?
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  1. Cement coloured nails 100% yes. I'm not even seasonal about that colour, I pretty much abuse it all year round but you have the timing perfect, it's subtle and the texture is indeed amazing against the brights! Rather than knit tanks I'll be pulling on knit sweaters when I hit Europe, sooo might swap for the alternative if the heats still around when I head back! lovees it lady, the shots are too sweet Xx

  2. i'm really into knit tanks too this coming summer too.
    aswell as light-weight flowy shorts in adorable prints and cute shades.
    after staring at that ring for while, it's actually really stunning. it would look incredible in a deep turquoise or something. x.

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