Rusted Staples.


Signing off the week with one of my favourite outfits. This shirt/dress/all-round perfect specimen 
of clothing is definitely a real favourite. The loose, billowing cut and draped tail-hem mixed with 
the rusty polka-dot print makes it satisfyingly everything-appropriate. Both simple and interesting 
at the same time. You need only mix up your accessories according to the occasion and it does 
the rest. I love anything that allows that little thought when getting dressed. This one is Don’t Ask 
Amanda – you can check out more from this brand on the General Pants Co. website here.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. ohhh gosh, your comment literally gave me the giggles. It was too sweet BUT let me say to you, I'm not in any better situation to be wearing wedges as high as my new ones now, but they're all like that I'm already 173cm, I think I'm aiming for the skies :S BUT till I find a guy that I can still look small enough next to, I'll keep on wearing them HA! Babe you look gorgeous, your styling is literally eye candy to me, defs sweet inspiration miss the shirt is NO exception! perfect! x

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