Suede In The Springtime.

Tank Dress / STAPLE, Boots / Tony Bianco, Cardigan / Vintage, Sunglasses / Sportsgirl

Thank goodness Spring has arrived. Can finally slip on my favourite oversized tank dress in all its draping, low-cut sided glory. Paired it with black suede ankle boots because hey, it’s not quite summer just yet. All the while lugging around an old cardigan as a shield against the still slightly chilly winds that sometimes whip up. I have had this STAPLE tank dress for what seems like forever, and it has certainly been a handy piece. Ideally would like to break out a neon bra with it in the near future. Perhaps when it gets a tad warmer. Also, picked up the black version of my favourite pair of sunglasses. I just loved the shape of them too much to resist.

So, one assignment down, one exam next week and then I am officially off to Malaysia on the 16th, woo! Off to Kuala Lumpur for the first few days and then headed to Borneo for a week after that. So excited to do some exploring, plus hopefully pick up some cool little random trinkets along the way. Anyone been over there before and have any recommendations regarding where to explore, eat or shop? Be sure to let me know. Oh and I have a pretty cool little giveaway coming up for my Aussie readers too so stay tuned for that. There will be more in the future for those of you outside Australia though, I promise! I love you all equally.

Hope everyone’s having fantastic weeks.


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  1. I love your you know the italian brand Il Bisonte? it makes leather vintage bags..I'm sure you'll love it

  2. Hi there!

    I love how you post plenty of items you are wearing from australian owned brands! Its great to see bloggers like you appreciating the companies we do have here and actually showing off to the world what we have here and what they can't have lol

    And for once im not reading a blog and thinking damnit I can't get that cos its not available here! Im on the greener side for once =D

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