Old Navy.

Shirt / Topshop (old), Shorts / agent ninetynine (old), Shoes / Aldo

Quick post before I settle into a long weekend of assignment-ing. The fact that I am blatantly inventing verbs now may well mean the assessment-related insanity has already kicked in. The fact that it is almost 6pm on Saturday my time also does not bode well since this damn thing is due Monday. Fantastic. Anyway, this outfit is a prime example of what I wear when I have been up late, risen too early, and gotten dressed with the sole purpose of seeking out caffeine and sugar-laden sustenance. Read: super-simple and probably highly uninteresting. Also sorry for the lack of a smile. As I said, I needed caffeine. A lot of it.

By the way, for those of you who were asking, the camera I use is a Canon EOS 1000D, and the product name for my Aldo platforms is “Ganzer” (I think!). There were a few more questions regarding how I do my vintage shopping and also my hair. The answers to those questions may have to wait until I have a bit more time to post about it, but the short answer for both for now would be: with time, luck, and a healthy level of OCD.


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  1. simple, but incredible.
    denim shirts and lace trimmed shorts are two of my favourite pieces right now, so combined it's just perfect!
    ooh yay, i can't wait to hear all about your hair!
    you'll do amazingly on your assignments, lovely. x.

  2. everything you just said was completely relatable to my life, and you left me with a giggle as i came to the realisation i'm not the only one wallowing in procrastination universe!
    love the outfit as usual (espesh your shorts, thought they were the maurie & eve ones!)

    much love, chloe. xx

  3. so simple but so chic too! love the lace shorts & those kind of blouses are perfect for the weather we're experiencing atm.x


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