Black On Brick.

Dress / Sportsgirl, Shoes / Aldo, Bag / Alexander Wang

An obscenely basic outfit I wore earlier this week. Almost not worth posting but I know some of you appreciate sheer simplicity and minimalism just as I do sometimes, so this one’s for you guys. No doubt frantically packing for my Malaysia trip as you read this. I am honestly the worst packer on the planet. Wish me luck.

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  1. I love this, so simple yet stylish.

    I actually bought this tee/dress from Sportsgirl, but I returned it because I thought it was too short to be a dress. I sorely regret that now, it looks awesome on you!

    Have an awesome time in Malaysia, I love it there x

  2. I really love your style! I have been scrolling through page after page on your blog, and I am so inspired. Have a great time in Malaysia, sweetie! I went to Kuala Lumpur a few years back and it's wonderful there – you'll really enjoy it if you're going there xoxo

  3. sometimes simple outfits are the best kind of outfits.
    ps. ugh, i know. the 'natural beauty' shoot was terrible. a complete waste of time really. the outfits were a total joke. and you're right, who would ever wear that?! everything was just horrible! horrible. horrible. montana is the hugest stand out. she's just so adorable and i'm really loving her style. she's so model-like already!
    pps. again, have the most amazing vacation! ahah i'm so envious of you right now, girrrl. x.

  4. I like how you say "almost not worth posting". I think sometimes an outfit that you dont think is all that special can sometimes reads volumes to other people. Sometimes we overlook how beautiful simple outfits can be. I do it all the time 🙂 As for this outfit, I love it 🙂 Im glad you posted it x

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