Tangerine Tips.

Shirt, Shorts & Sunglasses / Sportsgirl, Bag / A.W., Boots / Tony Bianco

A little summer brightness working its way into my wardrobe via my fingertips. The polish colour is more a bright tangerine-like hue in real life, rather than the red it appears to be in these photos. I figured my otherwise basic outfit deserved a little pop of colour. Definitely ready for spring to finally arrive in about a week: warm weather just makes every day that little bit sweeter I feel. 

Hope everyone has had a great start to their weeks!


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  1. Love your blog.

    You seem to have lots of great vintage finds. Can you do a post on vintage shopping (store recommendations, tips)?

  2. We honestly have exactly the same taste in clothes! I bought this top and the shorts a week ago haha. Therefore I think it's fair to say I love your look!

    Chloe. xx


  3. Bring on Spring and more pops of colour I say!! Thanks so much for such a rad comment on my lil blog..totally appreciated & made my day!!

    A x

  4. hun you are so pretty!! i love your hair!! and everything about this outfit is oh so chic yet comfy! love your blog!! =D i'm following now!

  5. So 1, we have the same name… You must be a badass. But you are just so pretty! Remind me of Ally Hilfiger or Atlanta de cadenet, not sure. But both of which I am equally obsessed!!

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