1. I love the colour combinations of the first and the last pair. The second pair is perfect for my recently posted Hugo Boss outfit. Come check it out when you have time.

  2. I tried on those top ones in London and they were amazing, I'm kicking my self in the face for not buying them (I was worried they were too heavy and would weigh me down to early into my trip). They are so awesome, but if you buy them go down a size because they are kinda big!

    Im so excited about YEPD, I would love to meet and chat on the night! Ill be wearing bright red pants and photographing the evening for felix and slink πŸ˜‰ come and find me and say hello!


    p.s totally following your lovely blog xx

  3. Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for visiting our blog! I very much like yours, you have a great sense of style and inspiration!!

    I love topshop but secretly hate how much awesome stuff they have!!

    peace x


  4. These shoes are HOT!
    I think the first pair are my fav, but if the yellow heels had a platform they would be unstoppable!

    Have you seen the colour blocked peep toe wedges as well? I'm in shoe heaven this season!


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