Winter Florals.






Jumper / Topshop, Dress / Vintage, Boots / Tony Bianco

Phew, okay so I’ve been desperately trying to post these since the weekend but my internet has decided to go the way of my laptop and try to give up on life. Working through a slow and unresponsive computer is one thing, but a dodgy internet signal makes for pure blogging hell as you might well imagine. But no matter, here they are! This outfit is what results when one challenges oneself to throw on items that are neither new or in high rotation in one’s wardrobe. Result? A baggy knit paired with vintage floral pleats. Oh okay so the grey suede ankle boots are kind of new – managed to pick the brothers of my black pair up for no more than $64.00 on sale, down from $190. It is at prices like this I go into automatic pay-and-let’s-go-before-someone-realises-they’ve-marked-them-wrong mode. A highly satisfactory purchase to say the least.

Heading to the coast next week to celebrate my birthday with the boyfriend (yay!) so that’s definitely something to look forward to. It may mean I’ll be a tad quiet for a few days without internet access, but I’ll try to schedule a few posts I have in mind to keep on track. Promise to take some photos up there too so I’ll definitely be posting those when I get back. Taking a beach holiday in the middle of winter, oh how I love living in Australia.

Hope your weeks have been going swimmingly!


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  1. Sorry to hear about not making it to the next round. Competition or no competition you must make it to NYFW. The vibe over there is amazing.

    Anyways just wanted to let you know I am digging this outfit & how do you get the waves in your hair like that? I have dead boring hair πŸ™

    <3 miss heidy

  2. how flipping GORGEOUS are you miss, beautiful jumper and the colours are put together almost effortlessly. Beautiful honey x

  3. i really love the knit + floral combo.
    i just wish it was slightly warmer in melbourne to go out with bare legs!
    have the most amazing birthday and time away at the beach with your bf! i'll look forward to your posts when you get back. x.

  4. you always look so chic! & i am so envious of this tan you appear to have in the MIDDLE OF WINTER!. love this knit, colour & style, also the perfect pop of florals to mix things up.x

  5. sorry to hear about your disappointment. Well you are still a fabulous fashionista! You look grunge chic and great styling there! I'm sure you'll have a great time next week!


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