Sunday Snippet.



Hoping to spend more of my Sundays at the local markets wearing situationally-inappropriate outfits and eating warm vanilla Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and cream. The waffle tasted even better than it looks. And it looks mighty fine. Also discovered some crazy-good homemade lemonade, which tasted much like ice-cold melted lemon sorbet. Oh yes. And finally, a glimpse there of my most recent eBay purchase, an amazingly snug shearling jacket from Zara. More photos of it to come in the future no doubt.

Here’s to it (almost) being the weekend.


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  1. I love your jacket! I think I'm gonna have to pay ebay a little visit. I've always wanted a shearling jacket like that. They immediately make any outfit look even better. Great find!

    That waffle makes my mouth water!

  2. oh my god your jacket has me OBSESSED!!!! wow.. can't believe thats ZARA. thanks for your comment on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚ and ps… that waffle looks DAMN good

  3. that shearling jacket looks amazing. loving the shades you're wearing with it. & yummo scrummo, that waffle looks amaze!x

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