Lost Beauty.

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Talulah Spring 2011 “Lost Beauty”

Needed to post some pieces from Talulah’s Spring 2011 collection. I’m currently readying myself for a trip to Malaysia in September, which of course requires a vast amount of sartorial purchases. The loose and draped but still perfectly voluminous layers of these dresses just scream to be worn on the beach, or traipsing through bustling markets or cool and tranquil rainforests. I just need them, period. Definitely predicting the ‘Fly Away With Me’ fringed slip dresses to be best-sellers. Both are just too good.

Browse or buy more of the looks here.


  1. re: your comment.
    i too am a huge fan of the high neck, long leg, bold heel look. we can share her look! 😉
    yay! i found you on twitter, lady. x.

  2. Love the dresses! I really like the first white one…oh and I love the Alexander Wang-esque (or maybe real Alexander Wang) boots paired with the dresses! Love the combo of girly dress and rugged boots! Thanks for stopping by my blog…I'm following you now! Want to follow me back? 🙂

    xx from Montreal,


  3. i love that the collection's called 'lost beauty'.
    these dresses definately scream exotic getaway.
    i wouldn't even know which to choose if i had to! x.

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