Yeah, I Was A ’90s Child.



Jumper / Sportsgirl, Boots / Tony Bianco

Just a quick post of what I’ve been wearing lately. This being yet more oversized jumpers as dresses with somewhat heavy-set ankle boots. I enjoy the tinge of ’90s grunge my new Tony Biancos give with their higher ankle and block heel. They make for a very solid anchor to any outfit, with a little childhood nostalgia thrown in as well. Double win.

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  2. I love this outfit. It's amazing how a simple outfit like a sweater and boots looks so stylish. I adore how you wear the oversized sweater as a dress. It looks so cozy, in a sexy sort of way.


  3. love this—-you are totally adorable!!!! i gotta love a girl who wears giant sweaters and hidden shorts!!! toooo good. and thanks for your comments. you are rad. hands down.

    ash <3

  4. simple look but i love the effect! i am a huge fan of knitted sweaters so you cannot go wrong with that one. fabulous with the black boots! you look so good in black and not many people do

  5. nawh, you truly are such a sweetheart! yikes, i feel so privileged! it really was my absolute pleasure. i love nothing more than to support amazing aussie bloggers aswell. x.

  6. ps. forgot to tell you that i've linked your blog to my 'blogs i love' list. your blogs amazing and always filled with such inspiring posts, so it was a total no-brainer. x.

  7. Hehe I got the boots in the post below (for the same reason you stated), how funny!

    And loving your outfit, I have been hunting for the perfect oversized sweater to wear as a dress and those booties are divine

  8. Hi ! Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Another couple of girls actually told me they were in this comp and I thought 'I wish I had known about this!!!'
    It seems like such an amazing comp and I think you'll do well, you've got style going on =)
    I better get voting!


  9. firstly – hun you have an amazing blog and amazing style too def following! i want all your jumpers hehe secondly – how exciting you're through to the next round of the NOKIA/Elle comp! it looks like a pretty sick prize! if i had a facey page i'd def be voting but i dont hun. thirdly – thanks heaps for your super kind comment too <3 and i have the zara shearling also..its amaze! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

  10. love the fact that it looks like you're not wearing pants!
    lovely boots too, what a coincidence that i just posted earlier today about my new TB combat boots ๐Ÿ™‚

    clicked through your blog a bit and i must say i'm loving what i see. you have a very laidback but sophisticated chic style. very australian!

    definitely following ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s thanks for the thoughtful comment, you said it a whole lot better than I did…


  11. Kaitlyn I got your blog thru Lee's and was compelled to comment on it!! You have a unique sense of style and of course very beautiful, that only makes your style look better!! I love the modern look of your blog. It is clean with not too much going on, except your photos which are the highlight!! Your "about" section made me laugh, especially the part about ADR!

  12. you got a really cool blog. I like your style and all the inspiring fashion images. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following you.


  13. So rare that I find a new blog that I enjoy! Sooo glad I found you girl! Love your style. Plus we have the same name, destined to be bfs.

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