Salt And Pepper.



Jumper Dress / Sportsgirl, Boots / Nana, Bag / Vintage

Pretty much going to live in jumper dresses this winter I do believe. Nothing like a crisp breeze to the legs when you’re feeling all cosy up top. Okay so I might have to add tights to the whole ensemble when it truly gets cold, but that’ll still make for a damn good outfit.

Hope you enjoy my larger outfit pictures from now on too. Heading into my end-of-semester exams soon so no real relief for me just yet, but still hoping to get back into regular posting.
It’s been too long.


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  1. Love your rings! The one on your right index finger was super cute. 🙂 I'm curious, what is it? I'm thinking it might be a frog's face.

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  2. looooove the boots so much! very hot. & that sweater is fab too. would definitely be wearing that a lot this winter if i owned it. & your hair looks so good too! major style envy atm.goodluck with exams girl, hope you smash em!x

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