Black Rose Red Lips.

Posted on: 16 April 2011

Top / American Apparel 3-D Mesh Jumper, Skull Ring / Sportsgirl, Lipstick / Revlon Matte in Really Red

A head-and-shoulder shot of me from last night.
Not quite an outfit post, but hoping it will make up for my lack of personal posts this week.
Although I do enjoy a full-blown lipstick moment every now and then, I went for more of lip-stain effect this time around.
I find my lips can look a little cartoon-ish with too much colour - perhaps one of the few drawbacks of having lips on the fuller side.
I was simply wearing these Cheap Monday jeans and my Wittner elastic sandals on my bottom half.
I'm sure you'll see these jeans in a future post soon enough.

Thanks so much for all your comments by the way guys, I really love reading all of them.
I appreciate the support so much, they truly make my day.

Hope you all have/are having a fantastic weekend!


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  1. Red lipstick looks so good on you! You have the dark hair as contrast, so it's perfect. On me it would look ridiculous ;)


  2. love the contrast between red and black. you look sexy without really showing everything.

  3. Very pretty! Love that AA top!

  4. The lipstick looks great! I've been looking for a matte/stain effect to? Do you like this Revlon one? It's such an easy brand to find in Australia, but their products can be so hit or miss! Did you find it too drying?
    - Catherine at The Spring

  5. There can't be drawbacks to fuller lips, unless they're fake and you look like a fish, which yours aren't and you don't. That colour really suits you.

  6. I'm a red lipstick addict, love thes pics :)

    Have a great sunday!

  7. like the jumper and lipstick

  8. so funny- i have full lips and i always felt "clownish" when wearing lip color. then i found nars red lipstick. and suddenly everything felt right. RAD skull ring too.

  9. awww love the lips & the hair & the jumper. very gorg!x


Thanks for the love!

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