Spring In My Step.

Posted on: 16 March 2011

Stylist Molly Kennedy via Into The Gloss

Okay, so I'm really needing by hair to be like this.
Colour, cut, style, texture, everything.
I might also need her sunglasses and coat too.

Just a bundle of laid-back awesomeness, this is.

On another note, you guys must check out a little feature the lovely Catherine over at The Spring whipped up on my blog.
There's a little interview too, so take a looksie if you'd like to find out come random tid-bits about me.
Also be sure to check out the rest of Catherine's blog as well.
She covers everything from fashion to food to lifestyle, and also gives readers a handy insight into the best Brisbane has to offer in all these areas and more.
As it's my hometown, I wholeheartedly salute her for doing so - there truly is a lot to be appreciated here.
 Be sure to check it out!



  1. i just run into your blog and loved it!I follwed you!
    pls check out mine i would appreciate your opinion


  2. yea, i loove her hair too- and coat and sunnies :) haha, you should totally do your hair liek this- you could rock it beautifully :) and oh, i loove your little headline about adr..o yeess :) enjoy your week doll ;)

  3. awesome ombré hair


  4. wow!loove that!!xx



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