It’s All In The Wrist.

Fashion Weeks
If there’s one thing the past few weeks have taught us, it’s that jewellery is back in a big way.
Cuffs, rings, chains, spikes, watches, beads, plaits and even silk scarves adorned the wrists and hands of nearly every Fashion Week attendee, proving that more is definitely, well, more.
My unusually skinny wrists have kept me somewhat from becoming a consistent cuff and bracelet wearer – barring those ingenious elastic options, most out there are simply too large to sit in any delicate manner.
These pics, however, might just put me on the wrist-bling bandwagon.
Consider me converted.
  1. i've recently gotten back into the multiple bracelet thing.. i was a bit put off because it reminded me of teenage years where I used to put heaps of those coke bottle blue plastic rim things / bracelets on with crappy cheap things from corner shops.. but I like the luxe mix of wrist accoutrements here. Still though, I kind of like the look of a few pieces of delicate jewellery too.

    and ahh!! the mistreatment of the celine bag! it makes me very sad!


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