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Wore my newly-purchased vintage leopard print shirt last night.
I love it’s deep, copper-y coloured goodness that works for day or night, summer or winter.
Also wore my low wedge elastic sandals from Wittner.
These are my go-to going out shoe, mainly because they have a low yet flattering wedge heel, and the elastic straps make them ultra-comfortable for long nights out.
And finally, also took my beloved Betts bag, which is made up of soft, crepe rosettes.
It’s soft and fat and I love it.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.
I’m back at university as of Monday (bleh!) but shall be taking up my spare time on here, so keep commenting so I can be entertained on my breaks pleases and thank yous!
  1. The rich tones of that leopard DO make it totally perfect – what a great vintage find! Also, are those shoes still in stores? They're exactly what I've been looking for! (the closed toe heels that worked so well for me in London and Toronto suddenly aren't cutting it in the laid back Brisbane heat!)
    – Catherine at The Spring

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