Urban Fields.

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Top – Vintage, Shorts – Sportsgirl, Sunglasses – Vintage, Rings – Sportsgirl
Took these pics on yet another laaazy (and still hot!) Sunday afternoon.
Decided it might be fun to traipse around one of the several industrial areas lining the river.
It’s quite a strange place to be really – piles of earth, rocks and discarded building materials sit comfortably next to mounds of wild grass and overgrown flora.
And, in the middle of a wide expanse of concrete slabs, there sits a shallow pond, lined with large rocks, seemingly to shield it from the surrounding development.
It’s all about balance, I guess.

I’m wearing a vintage leopard print top I purchased recently, along with my favourite silk high-waisted shorts.
I love when two pieces just seem to fall into one another when you wear them in a perfect, oversized draping action.
Also wearing my beloved vintage Ray Ban-esque clubmaster sunnies in the perfect shade of pearl grey.
Nice to step away from the usual black or tortoise shell options every now and then.

On a side note, I do apologise for the distinct lack of shoe action in these shots.
I would usually wear a simple pair of black, tan or nude sandals with this outfit, but clambering around as I was proved a tad difficult in anything more than a mere pair of thongs/flip flops.
Promise to include more shoes in the future!

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