Posted on: 24 February 2011

Sky Ferreira 

Okay, so I've never listened to any of her songs, or even heard her speak for that matter.
I think I'm just captivated by her face and the sheer amount of hair she has.
Just so much hair.
And is it just me or does she look a tad like Robert Pattinson in some of these photos?
Ok, probably just me. 

Still, her face and hair are a-maz-ing.


  1. She's so beautiful, I definitely see the Robby Patt connection!

  2. She has an androgynous look to her. I wouldn't call her pretty but she certainly has an interesting face which is more important IMO (for models)

  3. she definitely has a Robert Pattinson vibe

  4. i see what you mean shes so captivating! pretty tho! (:


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