Hot Hot Heat.

Personal Style

Dress – Vintage, Sunnies – Sportsgirl, Rings – Sportsgirl, Lovisa

It was hot over the weekend here.
The kind of hot that makes your sunglasses fog up when you walk outside.
Or the steering wheel of your car so blistering that you have to alternate hands so as to not hold onto to it for a prolonged period.

The b/f and I thus waited until late afternoon before taking these shots.
This dress is vintage and I’ve had it forever.
It was one of my very first vintage purchases (maybe the first??) and I admittedly don’t wear it beyond the beach or on a mere grocery-run these days, but it will always be special to me.
I like pairing it with tough, grungey rings, retro sunnies and a solid sandal in the summer.
I prefer to keep it from looking too pretty.
And you can’t see it too well here, but my efforts to keep my hair off the back of my neck also resulted in a bit of an ode to Miss Dellal.

My, I was having quite the grunge-driven moment wasn’t I?

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