Black Jersey Summer


 Hat / Agent Ninety-Nine
Dress / One Teaspoon
Rings / Sportsgirl
Belt, Bag, Sunglasses / Vintage
Quick outfit post from the weekend.
Again, it was oppressively hot, so minimalist dressing was definitely required.
This One Teaspoon dress is an ultra-handy staple in my wardrobe.
It’s made from jersey with panels sewn in to ensure maximum draping capability, coupled with deep cut sides to amp up the interest factor without being too scandalous.
The heavy jersey fabric certainly helps in that department should there be a strong wind afoot.
And sorry againnn for not having any shoe shots, we did take these pics very quickly.
I do actually wear shoes I promise.
Beige flat sandals from Topshop with elastic straps were the shoe of choice that day.
Ultra-comfortable for long shopping expeditions, let me tell you.
I’ll snap them soon don’t worry – I wear them constantly.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!
Thanks so much for reading, commenting and following thus far.
I’ve loved meeting and greeting you all.
Looking forward to meeting yet more of you too, so drop me a line if you stop by.

  1. you're stunning.
    and that dress looks incredible on you.
    no wonder it's become one of your trusty staple summer items!
    the draping of the skirt part is especially lovely.

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